Summer Heat

The summer heat, reminds me of the siniguelas tree we used to climb. We picked everything that our hands could reach, just to be chased by the angry owner after. It reminds me of how I get fascinated with the color blue of the sky and the cottony white of the clouds. I used to imagine that the clouds are some soft mattresses and pillows, that I am lying there comfortably.

It also reminds me of the scent of the ocean, the sea breeze, the sound of laughter, the wide playground in a low tide afternoon. It reminds me of the wind softly touching my face as I used to take an afternoon nap in a huge mangrove tree.

It reminds me of the different colors of popsicle we peddled around from morning till afternoon. Never mind the scourging heat of the sun, a saving for next enrollment and a free popsicle at the end of the day is such a simple joy.

It reminds me of the cardboard paper I used as shield during midday when my mother would tell me to write what was written on a piece of blackboard hanging outside our neighbor's house. I was just learning ABC back then, and it was the mighty era of betamax. I used to formulate an equation that if I had written a favorable number of letters we get to watch the movie, otherwise we stay at home.

The summer heat reminds me of many things from my past. It reminds me of how I used to be. It reminds me that back then, life was so simple.

7 nagsalita

7 nagsalita:

Nimmy said...

tama ka dyan! instead of siniguelas santol at guava naaalala ko. hihi

Happy Summer! Swimming na! :)

Lhuloy said...

it only reminds me of you...(juriz?! jejeje)

nice naman...siguro u're talking about ur
pwabins noh?! eniwi masaya nga namang magbakasyon.ngayong antartica...jejejeje...

Kraehe said...

masarap din un santol at bayabas. binibili namin santol tapos sawsaw asin, sarap! summer summer!

Anonymous said...

ang daming ala-ala sa summer, jan kasi madalas ang walang katapusan bonding wid frens..

Kraehe said...

yup yup, im talking about my province and childhood memories ahihi. natutunaw na ang antartica sa sobrang init.

true that mommy-razz, pag summer kasi walang pasok hihi. kaya maraming oras sa bonding.

Kamila said...

Gusto ko ng..... ng araw.... hehehe at gusto ko din ng dagat... buhangin sa dagat.. waaaaaahhh.. at hotdog,,.. di ko alam san pumasok yung hotdog.. pero gusto ko ng food.. ice cream,..uhmm...

Kraehe said...

wow! ano nangyari sa avatar mo? naging bungo XD masarap ang ice cream or ice candy, ice buko lahat ng merong ice hahaha

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