Once Upon A Time...

Once upon a time, there was a very slow internet connection in a far away land. How could this be? They are bountiful of speed and less population to use it, but it is too slow. Everyone was so upset. Their Facebook wouldn't load, the YM, the blog and all things under the sun.

The beautiful princess of the land finally stood up and called her advisors.

Beautiful Princess: You might be all aware why I called you here? Our internet connection is too slow. Reports say that there is no problem with our resources. What do you have in mind?

Advisor Makulit: This might be another attack from our little friend called Download.

Advisor Mausisa: But according to my reliable source, the neighboring kingdom hasn't experienced this epidemic. If this is something to do with Download, then they too will have the fate as ours.

Advisor Maunawain: You are right Advisor Mausisa, they should experience the same as we did.

Beautiful Princess: Should we call someone to investigate?

Advisor Maalam: I would like to recommend Mang Jose to do the job. He is quite impressive.

Beautiful Princess: I haven't heard of that name before, is he from our kingdom?

Advisor Maalam: No your majesty, he is from another kingdom. I contacted him once in a while for small jobs.

Beautiful Princess: And what small jobs?

Advisor Maalam: Ehem, *whispers* the small jobs your majesty.

Beautiful Princess: I see. Alright, its decided then. We will be hiring Mang Jose to investigate this loathsome epidemic. Advisor Makulit, have our runner send a message to Mang Jose immediately. I want to meet him tomorrow morning.

Advisor Makulit: Right away, your majesty.

And so Mang Jose was called to investigate the unknown phenomena of the land, in exchange for $100 a day with free board and lodging. For at least three days of meticulous investigation, Mang Jose showed up to the castle one day.

Mang Jose: *bows* Your majesty.

Beautiful Princess: Did you find something?

Mang Jose: Yes your majesty. One of the tube was displaced by a clan of rodents who moved for a winter vacation a week ago. They are unfamiliar with the device so they didn't report the said incident. They never thought that it would cause so much trouble and they are very sorry.

Beautiful Princess: Why haven't they approached me?

Mang Jose: They fear you your majesty. This can be easily fixed though your majesty. If you let me, it will be done in an instant.

Beautiful Princess: Thats great! Fix it at once and I will pay you double.

Mang Jose: As you wish your majesty. *bows*

Mang Jose moved back the tube to its rightful place and everything went to normal. Facebook of the villagers loads fast, as well as YM and blog and all things under the sun. The rodents were forgiven by the princess and they settled in far away land for good. Beautiful Princess was more than happy of Mang Jose's performance. She promoted him as the kingdom's investigator.

On that night, they celebrated for the great success. Everyone sing and dance. The princess sat on her throne  infront of her very wide computer screen once more. And she lived happily ever after.


14 nagsalita

14 nagsalita:

Akoni said...

wwooaaaahhhh..I am so impressed...grabe naisip mo to? wow ang galing naman..hahaha..sobrang naaliw ako..ang galing mo fifi...grabeness..

Kraehe said...

salamat hihi. kainis naman kasi bagal ng net, kaya napasulat tuloy ako ng wala sa oras.

Leonrap said...

ahaha.. kala ko napaka technicla na terms ang gagamitin mo,.. kala ko eexplain mo how internet works... parang networking 101 ba?.. aahahaha...

adik ka, wala kang magawa!!! soxal ng kingdom na yan ah.. may connection! lol

jhengpot said...

ahahaha..ang cool! royal internet!

Anonymous said...


Kraehe said...

imagine mo isang lumang kingdom merong internet connection noh? ahaha astig yun. gusto ko manirahan sa ganun wehehe

astig pag ganun ahihi. mahal ng prinsesa, anong website po gusto nyong mavisit? hihi.

salamat ahihihi

ISTAMBAY said...

dumugo ang ilong ko ha.. may tissue ka ba jan hahaha...

ang galing.. galing galing.. aba at naisip mo pa iyon ha...

iniisip ko si mang jose, siya ba ang superhero na pedeng arkilahin? hahah ayon lang naman sa bandang parakoya ni edgar

magandang araw sayo :)

Kamila said...

Niyahahhaa.. na-imagine ko naman na naka-todo medieval costume pa ang mga nandito hahaha.. ang cooL!

Kraehe said...

uu sya nga, nakulitan kasi ako sa "na pwedeng arkilahin" kaya sya nilagay ko dyan ahihi. magandang araw din sayo.

yun din nasa isip ko, with matching crowns pa yan and peasants on the background hihi.

Lhuloy said...

ang ganda ng story infairnessssssesssssesss....
ang galing mu talgang mag-english...jejejeje

Kraehe said...

hahaha out of boredom yan dahil bumagal ang net dito. nakakaloka, di ako magaling mag-english XD

Diamond R said...

talagang kaharian ang setting.natawa ako doon sa" in all things under the sun"


SPLICE said...

Beautiful Princess: And what small jobs?

Advisor Maalam: Ehem, *whispers* the small jobs your majesty.

My dirty mind thinks dirty of these lines :D
"SJ" for Small Jobs hehehe :D

Kraehe said...

Diamond R
salamas salamas hihi

hahaha bad bad XD salamat po sa pagdalaw.

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