Ang Kaharian

Sa kakabasa ko ng mga novels na kaharian ang tema minsan napapaisip din ako kung ano bang kaharian ang gusto ko. Sa isang libro na binasa ko (na hindi ko tinapos dahil nosebleeding), merong isang babaeng regent o pansamantalang namumuno sa isang kaharian. Dahil babae sya at hindi pa taga doon, marami ang komontra sa kanya (gender discrimination lang). Kaya hindi naging madali ang trabaho nya. Ang mga sinaunang tao talaga, gusto nila pambahay lang ang mga babae tsk tsk.

Back to topic, ang kaharian. Pag ako ay napapabilang sa isang dugong bughaw (syempre ako ang prinsesa), gusto ko kulay light blue ang kwarto ko. Merong porch syempre kung saan makikita ko ang buwan at bituin sa langit sa gabi. Merong isang secret door na ang likod nito ay isang secret tunnel papunta sa aking secret garden na pwede kong puntahan kung nalulungkot ako, o kaya pag masaya ako. Syempre me violin din ako at sana laptop na rin na pwede kong dalhin sa aking secret garden.

Gusto ko pixies ang tagabantay ko (katulad ng nasa taas). Bakit hindi fairies? Dahil pwedeng malaki ang fairy, pwedeng maging kasinlaki ng tao. Gusto ko maliit lang, ang pixies ay kasinlaki lang ng palad kaya sila na. Sila ang tagahatid ng pagkain, tagabihis sakin, and wait...pag tumakas ako papuntang secret garden pwede ko silang isama.

May naisip ako. Pano kung don sa secret garden ay merong isa pang tunnel papunta sa village. Gagala gala ako sa village at magpapanggap na ordinaryong tao. Gasgas moves na ito ng mga fairy tales, pero ang mga suwail na prinsesa namang yun ay walang ginawa kundi ang gumala dahil sawa na sila na may guwardiya na laging nakabuntot sa kanila. Syempre iba ang motive ko, gusto ko malaman kung ang mga ordinaryong tao ay maayos naman ang pamumuhay. Kung maayos ba ang pakikitungo ng mga opisyal sa kanila sa palasyo o baka pinasalvage ng di malaman ang dahilan. Malay natin diba? Sabi nga nila, to see is to believe.

Dahil ikaw din naman ang susunod na uupo sa trono (ako pala), maaga pa lang ayusin mo na. Bilang isang prinsesa dapat marunong ka makipag-kapwa tao. Marunong ka dumiskarte, hindi lang puro pagpapaganda ang inaatupag sa maghapon. Sayang naman ang opportunity na sa buong mundo ay mabibilang lang sa daliri ang makakaranas nito.

Dahil ito ay isang guni-guni lang, lubus-lubusin ko na. Isasama ko na rin ang mga larawan na malapit sa idea ng aking guni-guni.

Ang kastilyo. Dito kunyari ang aking kaharian.

At ang kunyari kong secret garden.

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Thought of You


So here's another youtube video that I want to share. This was introduced to me by my brother (he is a graphic animator so he knows art stuffs like this one) a while back. This video is kinda sad for me, but I was captivated by the emotions that was portrayed by the dance.

Feel free to comment your interpretation of the dance. And enjoy.

Edit: Grammar check.

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Summer Heat

The summer heat, reminds me of the siniguelas tree we used to climb. We picked everything that our hands could reach, just to be chased by the angry owner after. It reminds me of how I get fascinated with the color blue of the sky and the cottony white of the clouds. I used to imagine that the clouds are some soft mattresses and pillows, that I am lying there comfortably.

It also reminds me of the scent of the ocean, the sea breeze, the sound of laughter, the wide playground in a low tide afternoon. It reminds me of the wind softly touching my face as I used to take an afternoon nap in a huge mangrove tree.

It reminds me of the different colors of popsicle we peddled around from morning till afternoon. Never mind the scourging heat of the sun, a saving for next enrollment and a free popsicle at the end of the day is such a simple joy.

It reminds me of the cardboard paper I used as shield during midday when my mother would tell me to write what was written on a piece of blackboard hanging outside our neighbor's house. I was just learning ABC back then, and it was the mighty era of betamax. I used to formulate an equation that if I had written a favorable number of letters we get to watch the movie, otherwise we stay at home.

The summer heat reminds me of many things from my past. It reminds me of how I used to be. It reminds me that back then, life was so simple.

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Once Upon A Time...

Once upon a time, there was a very slow internet connection in a far away land. How could this be? They are bountiful of speed and less population to use it, but it is too slow. Everyone was so upset. Their Facebook wouldn't load, the YM, the blog and all things under the sun.

The beautiful princess of the land finally stood up and called her advisors.

Beautiful Princess: You might be all aware why I called you here? Our internet connection is too slow. Reports say that there is no problem with our resources. What do you have in mind?

Advisor Makulit: This might be another attack from our little friend called Download.

Advisor Mausisa: But according to my reliable source, the neighboring kingdom hasn't experienced this epidemic. If this is something to do with Download, then they too will have the fate as ours.

Advisor Maunawain: You are right Advisor Mausisa, they should experience the same as we did.

Beautiful Princess: Should we call someone to investigate?

Advisor Maalam: I would like to recommend Mang Jose to do the job. He is quite impressive.

Beautiful Princess: I haven't heard of that name before, is he from our kingdom?

Advisor Maalam: No your majesty, he is from another kingdom. I contacted him once in a while for small jobs.

Beautiful Princess: And what small jobs?

Advisor Maalam: Ehem, *whispers* the small jobs your majesty.

Beautiful Princess: I see. Alright, its decided then. We will be hiring Mang Jose to investigate this loathsome epidemic. Advisor Makulit, have our runner send a message to Mang Jose immediately. I want to meet him tomorrow morning.

Advisor Makulit: Right away, your majesty.

And so Mang Jose was called to investigate the unknown phenomena of the land, in exchange for $100 a day with free board and lodging. For at least three days of meticulous investigation, Mang Jose showed up to the castle one day.

Mang Jose: *bows* Your majesty.

Beautiful Princess: Did you find something?

Mang Jose: Yes your majesty. One of the tube was displaced by a clan of rodents who moved for a winter vacation a week ago. They are unfamiliar with the device so they didn't report the said incident. They never thought that it would cause so much trouble and they are very sorry.

Beautiful Princess: Why haven't they approached me?

Mang Jose: They fear you your majesty. This can be easily fixed though your majesty. If you let me, it will be done in an instant.

Beautiful Princess: Thats great! Fix it at once and I will pay you double.

Mang Jose: As you wish your majesty. *bows*

Mang Jose moved back the tube to its rightful place and everything went to normal. Facebook of the villagers loads fast, as well as YM and blog and all things under the sun. The rodents were forgiven by the princess and they settled in far away land for good. Beautiful Princess was more than happy of Mang Jose's performance. She promoted him as the kingdom's investigator.

On that night, they celebrated for the great success. Everyone sing and dance. The princess sat on her throne  infront of her very wide computer screen once more. And she lived happily ever after.


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I Catnap Three Little Kitties

There were three little kitties born on the same day. The mother cat used to stay inside the house and thus the three little kitties were also nursed by us. After some time, the kitties began to open their eyes and began to walk around the house. They also began to play and began to recognize voices. They are adorable.

We planned to move to another place and I can't bear the thought of leaving the kitties and the mother cat behind. My father was against it, but I made up my mind.

On that day, I put the little kitties in the laundry tub and planned to put the mother cat in a sack. Its brutal but we don't have a pet cage. Its not a pet with papers and everything, just an ordinary pet. So I gained a number of scratches on the process, but still failed. The mother cat don't find it appealing to be inside a sack, so we leave her behind. I thought that I could take care of the kitties. I can feed them too, and they will be fine.

The first day in the new house was noisy. The kitties wont stop crying, its obvious that they're looking for their mother and they are hungry. Since they still breastfeed, I mix powdered milk and water every morning and afternoon after I got home from work. I feed them with a dropper. They are still very noisy, they would only stop meowing when they're full or tired. There's this kitty who looked at me one day with the most heartbreaking expression. As if she said, Where's Mama?

A week later, they began to eat solid food. They at last found out the way to get out of their little box, and they began to poo and pee. This enraged father, he might be right that it will make the room smelly but still, the cats can be trained. And since they are still noisy, I agreed that they will be moved to the second floor.

The second floor is under-construction. So there's sand where they can poo and pee and all over the place could be their playground. However, they share the place with a mother dog and two puppies. The mother dog is tamed but the puppies are too playful.

The kitties are naive, they don't show any fear to the dogs. I saw them one time, they breastfeed on the mother dog together with the puppies. My poor kitties. They looked so dirty because of the dust and dirt of the place. It makes me want to wash and brush them, but restrained myself on doing so. They are still kitties that cant endure the cold afterwards. The puppies gets an extra spank everytime they are extra playful that the kitties seems to be screaming to death.

I visit them in the morning before going to work. Since they share food with the dogs, its okay if I won't have to fix them breakfast. But I see to it that they have something to eat when I got home from work every afternoon. I make sure that they are full first, leftovers are for the dogs. They also get to play and stay inside the house when father's out.

When they get bigger, maybe they could stay inside. Maybe they could be trained like their mother. And I could wash all those dirt away.

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WTF Japan, Seriously!?

While I was browsing facebook, I stumble upon this ad/post (I can't remember) which caught my attention. At first, I thought it was a site of a racist lol. But when I followed the link, the first thing I've noticed was the header. It has a picture of a japanese woman in different expression with a mushroom hat. So I'm assuming that the author is japanese and the site is all about epic fails.

I was right. The contents are epic, but not fail. I enjoyed watching most of the videos, I can't handle some with gory stuff in it. The vids and illustrations are all so weird. Yeah, we all know that japanese people had the most bizarre idea of all time.

If you're interested, here's the link: WTF Japan, Seriously!?

And my favorite vid. This makes me want to watch the movie XD

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PBB Audition

Ito ay para sa post ng PBB Audition by Jhengpot. Dahil gusto ko ng gulo, makikigulo ako ahihi. Joke lang, di ako masamang tao. I mean gulo na masaya.

Ako si Kraehe, hindi totoong pangalan. Dahil marami akong pangalan. Halos karamihan ng nakilala ko iba-iba ang tawag sakin, na yun na rin ang nakasanayan nila. Pero konti lang ang tumatawag sakin sa totoo kong pangalan. Weird di ba? Hindi ako bibo, makwento lang pag hindi tinatamad ahaha. Hindi rin ako mahilig magpicture-picture sa sarili ko. Kasi kahit anong gawin ko panget ang kalalabasan XD sayang lang effort ng ngiti ko wehehe.

Marunong ako sumayaw at kumanta, isa akong all time frustrated violinist. Never say die ang motto ko, kaya naniniwala ako na mapeperfect ko pa rin someday ang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star sa violin. Mahilig ako magbasa ng libro, mangalikot ng kung ano ano, at mag-daydream. Isa akong tao ahihi.

Lablayp. Meron ako, at inlab ako. Meron syempreng ups and downs, di naman nawawala yan. Pero getting stronger as we go further kumbaga.

Yan lang po ang tungkol sa akin. Naniniwala po ako sa kasabihang, ang tao pag naapakan ay nagigising. I thank you.

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Paano Ba Ang Magkwento?

Paano ba magkwento? Dapat ba matalinghaga? Makwela? Misteryoso? Baka pwede ring may pagka-makata. Dapat ba detalyado? Lahat ng sulok ng silid dapat bang banggitin? Ang kulay siguro ng bawat gamit ay dapat ding sabihin. Siguro pati ang laki o bigat nito.

Siguro pati ang mga tao sa paligid. Pag kilala babanggitin ang pangalan, pag hindi naman ang ayos na lang ang pwedeng banggitin. Pati siguro ayos ng mukha, kung matangos o pango ang ilong. Kung payat o mataba man. At siguro ang pananamit, kung magara ba o gusgusin.

Paano ba ang magkwento? Marami sana akong kwento, pero hindi ko alam kung pano isasalaysay ang mga ito.

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Ang Mahiwagang Ninja!

Noong ako ay maliit pa lang (maliit pa rin hanggang ngayun), nakagawian naming manood ng action movies. Action as in karate, kung fu, na nagsisiliparan sa ire ang mga bida. Ang cool ng moves, tumatambling tambling, naninipa, naghahagis ng shuriken at syempre magaling din sa espada.

All black ang suot nila, pero hindi naman sila Men in Black. Meron din pala ibang kulay, pero kadalasan ay itim. Mata lang ang makikita sa kanila, at mahilig silang magstalk.

Para maliwanagan kayo sa sinasabi ko, lemme introduce to you the kinds of ninja.

Cat Ninja

Turtle Ninja

Sexy Ninja

Fail Ninja

But wait, theres more...

Genius Ninja 


At syempre ang coool ninja

Di ba ang cool ng mga ninja? Sa panahon ngayun, dumarami ang klase ng ninja. Sa susunod na henerasyon baka lalo pa silang dumami. Sila ang mga kakaiba ang dating, ang mga kakaiba ang moves at masyadong misteryoso.

Ayan, sana meron kayong natutunan sa aking maliit na presentation. Wave wave sa lahat ng ninja.

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Facade of Reality

Balik metal gothic na naman ang dumadagundong sa aking headset. Wala lang, trip lang, namiss ko kasi. Bakit nga ba nagustuhan ko ang gothic songs? Kasi, una, merong halong classical instruments. Pangalawa, musika sakin ang maingay. Pangatlo, ang vocalist kadalasan opera singers. Pang-apat, ang lyrics ng kanta ay hindi yung nakasanayang love-love or emo-emo. Kadalasan ay patungkol sa bagay-bagay sa paligid. Yun nga lang, yung iba brutal talaga ang lyrics.

Ayun at bumalik ako sa pakikinig ng mga fav bands ko sa youtube like Nightwish, Within Temptation, Kamelot, Epica at marami pang iba. Nag sing-along na rin ako dito sa office. Wa pakels kung maingay, mag-headset kayo kung ayaw nyo lol.

Merong isang kanta na nabalikan ko kanina, nagustuhan ko ang lyrics kaso merong pagka-anti sya (na hindi naman masyado). Share ko lang. Merong ibang stanzas na latin, dinugo ang ilong ko. Wala rin ako mahanap na matinong translator sa google. Calling people na makakapagtranslate from latin to english hihi. Anyway, ito na sya.

Yung lyrics pala nasa vid.

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Ang Aking Imahinasyon sa Tubig ng Dagat

Madilim. Walang buwan at mga bituin sa langit. Wala ring ulap, parang empty space lang. Nakahawak ako sa harang ng deck ng malaking barko. Tinanaw ko ang dagat, ngunit kadiliman pa rin.

Katamtaman lang ang simoy ng hangin. Walang kahit anong ingay sa paligid. Wala ring tao o kahit ano, ako lang at ang sinasakyan kong barko.

Sa ibayong dako, meron akong natanaw na maliit na bagay. Palapit ito ng palapit, waring lumulutang. Palaki ng palaki ang bagay na iyon habang ito ay mabilis na pumapalapit sa kinatatayuan ko. Hanggang sa natanaw ko ang kabuuhan nito. Isang malaking kastilyo, nakalutang sa tubig. Maraming lumang bintana, ngunit nakasara. Mayroong veranda sa may bandang kaliwa. At nag-iisang pintuan sa gitna. Howl's moving castle ba ito?

Napatingin ako sa may pintuan, bahagya itong bumukas. Pagkabukas nito, walang anu-ano at merong lumabas na lubid sa pinto. Para itong may buhay na itinali ang sarili sa barko at ang iba nito ay nagtali sa kanya kanyang pwesto at nang natapos ito ay naging tulay. Isang lubid na tulay mula sa barko papuntang pintuan ng kastilyo.

Ang pintuan ay parang nanghihikayat. Halika, pumunta ka dito. I has cookie. Nasa trance state ako, (ano ba tagalog ng trance?). Parang nagsasalita ang pinto, halika na. Tumawid ako sa tulay, dahan dahan. Nakarating ako sa kastilyo at pumasok sa pinto.

Pagkapasok ko sa loob, bigla itong nagsara. Pilit ko tong binuksan, ngunit ito ay unti-unting naglaho. Wala na ang pinto, wala na akong lalabasan. Pero wala sakin iyon, wala akong nararamdamang takot.

Sa loob ng kastilyo. Puro hagdan. Mayroon paakyat, pababa, paikot, meron ding nakalutang, nakatagilid at nakabaligtad. Marami ring nakalutang na kandila. Lahat ng naroroon ay hagdan lamang at kandila. Sinimulan ko umakyat sa pataas na hagdan. Nakarating ako sa paibaba, sa paikot, sa nakabaligtad, sa paikot. Napakaraming hagdan, sinubukan ko lahat.

Nakaramdam ako ng pagod, sumakit ang mga paa ko. Sa lahat ng nasubukan ko hagdan, walang nakakonekta sa isang silid man lang, o sa isang kusina o bintana. Bawat isa ay nakakonekta lang sa isa pang uri ng hagdan. Medyo madilim, marami ngang kandila, pero hindi iyon sapat para magbigay ng liwanag sa buong paligid.

Natakot na ako, hindi ko alam kung papano ako lalabas sa lugar na ito. Napaisip ako, sana nanatili na lang ako sa barko. Sinubukan ko ulit ang mga hagdan, baka isa sa mga ito maghahatid sakin sa exit. Pataas, patagilid, pabaligtad, pababa. Wala. Ganun pa rin.

Nawalan na ako ng pag-asa. Napa-upo na lang ako sa tabi, tahimik na nakatingin sa mga hagdan. Nagbabakasakali na isa sa mga yun merong daan palabas.

Sa isang sulok, merong akong namataan. Anino? Paano nagkaroon ng anino dito? Isang anino na hugis tao. Palakad lakad, patakbo takbo. Tumayo ako, sinundan ko ang anino. Paakyat sa isang pataas na hagdan na ilang beses ko na nadaanan. Tumakbo ito, bumilis na waring nagpapasunod sa akin. Pataas ng pataas na tila walang katapusan.

Lalong sumakit ang aking mga paa, masyado itong mabilis. Hindi ko halos mahabol. Mabigat ang aking katawan, natalisod ako. Bigla itong huminto sa pagtakbo, naglakad patungo sakin. Iniabot nya ang kanyang kamay para tulungan akong tumayo. Nakatayo ako, inakay nya ko. Dahan dahan ako, kami, naglakad pataas ng hagdan.

Sa akala ko walang katapusan na hagdan, sa bandang dulo nito ay mayroong pinto. Nakasara, ngunit pinto pa rin. Dahan dahan pa rin akong inakay patungo don. Pagkarating sa dulo, ang anino pa rin ang nagbukas ng pinto. Ang labas nito ay ang veranda ng kastilyo. Ang barko na dati kong kinatatayuan ay nasa aking harapan. Natuwa ako, makakabalik na rin ako.

Humaba ang kanang braso ng anino at kumapit ito sa isang parte ng barko. Hawak nya ako sa kaliwang braso at sabay kaming lumundag papunta sa barko.

 March 31 pa itong nasa draft, ngayun ko lang natapos. Sa wakas. Ito ang matagal ko ng panaginip, as usual. At narealize ko na pwede din pala ang tagalog sa pagsulat ng dreams ehehe. Sa umpisa kasi ang hirap, parang mas expressive pag english. Anyway, ang title ay sa isang dream ko rin, wala ako maisip eh.

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