I Dreamed of Flying

Photo by Takaki

I dreamed of flying. Its every child's dream, to watch them fly to the open sky. It was mine too.

When I was younger, I used to stare at the clouds. Its tempting. I used to imagine that I could jump so high and the wind would take me higher and higher to the clouds. I don't dream to be like Superwoman or whoever cartoon heroes that could fly, just me, enjoying the wind and the freedom of my fantasy.

Funny thing is, I used to formulate the ways on how I can actually fly. As a matter of fact, I still consider it today. From my first method, flying without wings. Like superman and the like, they have super powers that enables them to fly. If an ordinary person doesn't have those, maybe an alternative will do. Lets take a look at the flying squirrel. They don't actually fly, they glide. They have a loose skin that acts like a parachute. But if I would consider the flying squirrel technique, I would need to stay in high places and jump to catch the wind. Its a hassle, really. To bring a gliding equipment and jump off the building. It sounds absurb to me.

How about flying with wings. I should choose a pair of wings that could carry my weight. Of course, these wings should be bigger, half my height will do. Most fairy that I've seen in pictures have butterfly wings. But nah, it looks too fragile to me. Although it is favorable aesthetically, but I reckon it won't last long with my reckless attitute. I believe an eagle's wings suits me, its sturdy. Like angels, their wings are like of eagle's wings structure. Or at least thats how I see it.

These wings should be attached at my back. There will be nerves that will be connected to my brain so that when I order it to flap, it will flap. It will take some practice of course, but I will get into it. And maybe, I should consider how birds fly. How do they fly? Jump first, then glide and flap? If I should flap my wings first, I need tremendous effort to lift myself from the ground. Maybe jumping first is not such a bad idea. Jump, then flap then glide.

Come, fly with me.

11 nagsalita

11 nagsalita:

Akoni said...

I wanna fly awayyy...heeeyy...hehe..

Nice blog...

same here, ever since I was little, and even now, I sometimes dream that I am flying. ... I always dream of flying..weird..hahaha..

Okay sing with me...I wanna fly awayy..eeeyyyy...haha

Lhuloy said...

jajajaja...nice naman si kua Akoni napaEnglish...jajaja..
yeah...gusto ko din lumipad...para mapadali ang pagpunta sa work...
jejeje...napapanaginipan ko din yung sabi mu na pgtumatalon ng mtaas tuloy-tloy n un hanggang sa lumilipad na....weeeeeehhhhh...

Kraehe said...

thanks for droppin by...yey! lets fly

halos lahat ata yun ang childhood fantasy or kahit mga isip bata...ayy apir wakekeke.

SPLICE said...

The dream of Icarus! I have always wanted to fly, too :)

Kraehe said...

Yeah, Icarus. Too bad he was overwhelmed by it and forgot his father's warning. Meh, I wish I could make those pair of wings too XD

thanks for droppin by ^____^

Kamila said...

tara tayo ay mag sky diving!!!! WEEEEEEEEHHH :)

nyabach0i said...

ako rin. i always think about this up until now. mas lalo na pag nasa rooftop or somewhere high rise. sarap siguro ng feeling pag tumatagos ka sa clouds noh?

Kraehe said...

tara nang lumipad hihi.

natumbok mo! sarap ng feeling yung nagliliwaliw ka sa taas and makikita mo ang view below hihi. tapos punta ka sa mga place na gusto mo yey! gusto ko sa mountains or canyons hihi.

ISTAMBAY said...

Naalala ko ang kantang ito..

We climb and climb and at the top we fly
Let the world go on below us, we are lost in time
And I don't know really what it means
All I know is that you love me, in my dreams

Sa panaginip, don ko lang nagagawang lumipad.. :)

musingan said...

same here... I wanna fly either... eheheh... have you heard about the Jet Pack? it cost $250,000... too much hah... but it would do... yeah man.... I ganna get one of does... some day and I will fly.....

see my post dated Feb 19,2011

I levitate and flew above the ground for at least 2 seconds... hehehehehe...

Kraehe said...

di familiar sakin yung lyrics, pero try ko tingnan ahihihi.

ang cute, pareho pa tayo ng closing sa entry wakekeke. naiisip ko ang naiisip mo hihi. ayoko ng jet pack, di kaya ng budget powers ko yan...poor lang me XD

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