50 Facts of Me

Makikiuso sa uso. Sa pagblog hop ko kanina, nakita ko to 50 Facts About Me by canonista. Kaya ito, makikiuso na rin ako.

50 Facts About Me

1. I prefer complete darkness when sleeping.

2. I cant live without my cellphone.

3. I'm quite a chatter in the cyber world, but opposite in the real world.

4. I've had a number of dreams that I want to put to words, but the sequence tends to run away from me. Like Im chasing a frightened horse that is running towards a black hole.

5. I multi-task alot.

6. I am a Gemini and born in the year of the Dog. In my own opinion, the year and the sign are the exact opposite.

7. Im a frustrated violinist.

8. I am very stubborn.

9. Me and my sister (the one next to me) were bullied when we were in kindergarten. The next day I brought a slingshot (tirador) to scare the bully. But it was of course confiscated by our teacher.

10. I am a big fan of Yanni.

11. Gifts are most valuable to me. Even if its a pebble from elsewhere, I would keep it all my life.

12. I love comedy movies.

13. I love books.

14. I love challenges and adventures. I'm the female version of Peter Pan.

15. I dream of having a secret garden.

16. I hate people who cuts you off while you were still talking. Its really annoying.

17. Its hard for me to forgive people who wronged me.

18. The only sport I joined during school days was basketball for girls. It was not even an proper basketball, its more like agawang buko.

19. I am into gothic and rock songs.

20. I dreamed to perform the violin part of Agujero Inmundo on stage (with bass and drums to accompany me).

21. I don't wear makeup. An adequate amount of moisturizer and pressed powder is all I ever apply on my face ever since.

22. I love cute furry animals, especially cats.

23. I only have a pair of shoes, a pair of high heel sandals and a pair of slippers. I don't buy extra, I replace things if they are beyond repair.

24. I'm not vain.

25. I have this phobia of plugging electrical devices. I was electrocuted while trying to plug the tv, somewhere in my childhood.

26. I don't drink and I don't smoke.

27. I hate people who backbites, like it is only their happiness in life.

28. I'm afraid of ghosts. Though I haven't seen one, but please, just let them be unseen.

29. I love vampire books, movies, and mangas. But please, not Twilight.

30. I love reading manga.

31. I get attracted to all shades of blue.

32. I love pastel and neon colors, but pink is not on my list.

33. I like looking at nude art. I see it as an art, no more, no less.

34. Sometimes, I would raise my eyebrow to stop an annoying conversation.

35. I do appreciate little things in life.

36. I realized that listing facts about oneself would take this long. This is the 7th hour.

38. I don't like wearing glasses, but I have to :(

39. Before, I wished I was taller. But now I realized that someone can really accept you of what or who you are.

40. I easily laugh even the corniest joke.

41. I like the scent of a diesel oil.

42. I don't like confrontations.

43. I don't like being idle for a long time. It will bore me to death.

44. Something from my childhood is precious to me. If given the opportunity to turn back time, I would go back to that place.

45. I prefer silver than gold.

46. I don't like watching gory movies.

47. Whenever I feel down there's someone who would lift me and cheer me up.

48. The same person stalked me 3 years ago.

49. The same person makes me fall for him over and over again.

50. I'm inlove with that same person.

17 nagsalita

17 nagsalita:

SPLICE said...

I like looking at nude art. I see it as an art, no more, no less.

Magkakasundo tayo dito. Have you tried attending an actual nude painting/sketching session before, either as the model or as the artist? :)

Lhuloy said...

same tayo sa...
nos. 3...4...slayt sa 5...11...12...17..21...22...30

ayan inisa-isa ko talaga sya clara! hanep...jeje

ang dami nyong gemini kw c kamila c kua Akoni,sis ko..ung labs ko!!!
at cnu si Yanni?!

Kraehe said...

Ummm nope, dyahe hihi. Staka wala akong K para maging model or artist. Sa books lang (meron akong nakita sa National Bookstore dati, Nude Photography) or artworks from the internet. For me kasi, there's a big difference between nude art and porn. To most people, it is the same thing.

natuwa naman ako at talagang iniisa isa mo. kaloka.

marami pala kaming me sayad ahaha..o baka ako lang wakekeke. at si Yanni, world class pianist/composer. idol ko sya hihi.

Akoni said...

hindi ba pweding hanggang 15? hehehe... I am a gemini too, year of the roaster, tiktilaoooooooookkk!!!!!
comedy movies..woooowwww..magkakasundo tayo, siguro ganun mga gemini? romance-comedy pinakagusto ko..hehe..ako i love people who backbites, literally nangangagat sa likod...hahahaha

I dont read manga, i eat it. DEISIL OIL?? nasusuka ako don..haha..weird pang-amoy mo..haha

rose said...

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nyabach0i said...

41. I like the scent of a diesel oil.

pareho tayo dito! apir! kaso nakakabawas ng brain cells yan eh. kaya hinay hinay lang.

at syempre may love life moment dito? kwento ka naman! hehe.

Kraehe said...

i eat manga too nyahahaha. year of the rooster ka pala, alarm clock ng bayan wahihih.

salamat po sa pagdalaw

wahihihi apir! di naman ako adik sa diesel oil, pag napadaan lang ang sinasakyang jeep sa oil station at nagpapakarga. ang weird noh? hahaha.

Kamila said...

maglagay ka ng maliit na notepad and ballpen sa tabi ng kama mo.. then pag kagising mo isulat mo na lahat ng naaalala mo.. sabi di daw natin talaga maaalala lahat ng pangyayari sa panaginip.. pero ayun masaya isulat...

gemini din ako..horse naman year ko.

Tapos sumali din ako sa basketball! AT Nakarelate ako! OO AGAWANG buko din tawag sa min.. hahaha

I also love nude art.. actually mas gusto ko katawan ng lalake.. kase may gallery sa intramuros na meron din silang guys.. tapos don't like it! hahahah di ko lam bakit.. pero di ako tomboy ah.

Happy that your in love Kraehe! :)

mommy-razz said...

APIR TAU SA 31 GRABI!!! apir din tau sa 21 and 40.. bkit di pa rin kita ma-follow?? huhuhu

exanthiel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
exanthiel said...

1,12,14,19,21,22,26,30,35,45...parehas tayu sa mga yun ^^(hilig mo rin ba ang evanescence ?? :D)

47,48,49,50... yan nalang ang inaantay ko :D

Kraehe said...

wakekeke ayaw magpa-follow ang blog ko. try mo mommy-razz gawa ng google profile then try mo ulit magfollow.

wow! ang dami nating parehas ahihi. yup hilig ko rin evansecence. sila ang naging daan ko sa gothic music.

salamat sa pagdaan ^____^

musingan said...

I cant sleep with lights on either..
I am a chatter.. but that was before.. now I hate chatting...
I dont smoke.. but I used to drink... beer?
multi task.. is something I've learned from call center.
same here.. anything but not twilight.. although I saw part one..
I also value gift...
I saw the "Secret Garden movie" I was High School..

dami pa...


nice post,,. I like it...

Kraehe said...

di ko napansin post ko ahihi. apir tayo sa nude art hihi.

yung Secret Garden movie ang napanood ko actually kung bakit gusto ko magkaron ng secret garden ehehe. gusto ko kasi ng garden na puro flowers, then syempre with trees.

salamat sa pagdalaw ^_^

Leah said...

Aww.. di tayo click sa #1 at #2. hehe.. Pero parehong pareho tayo sa #3. Sus, madaldal din ako sa cyberworld, pero halos di ako nagsasalita in person.. lalo na kung mga taga Manila ang kaharap ko. Bulol kasi me. hihi..

I've always wanted to try playing the violin, pero lately medyo hindi na. Iba na ang gusto ko.. Drums na. :) Comedies and books.. apir!!! you're Peter Pan? Weee!! I'm Tinkerbell!

Hmm... pareho tayo. ako, I forgive almost instantly, pero hinding hindi ko makakalimutan ang ginawa nya. It's really easy to forgive (for me lang ha) pero I find it hard to forget.

Apir ulit sa makeup. I rarely use makeup.. kung meron lang talagang okasyon na pupuntahan, dun ako super nagpapaganda. Pero pag lakwatsa lang, gala lang sa mall, okay na ako sa pressed powder and lipstick. natural beauty lang bah.. ayeee!!! lol I'm a dog person, pero I also like cats. Don't smoke na rin.. but I drink, occasionally.

Hay nakow! I hate those people... back stabbers, liars, traitors.. lahat sila. Sana mamatay na silang lahat.. joke. hehehe.... bitchy mode lang. :P

Waaaah!!! another Twilight fan... NOT!!! hehehe.. Apir tayo dito. Hindi ko rin feel ang Twilight. LIke... duh! :P

Nude art? Hmm.. di pako nakak experience na makakita ng isang nude work of art. Matry nga yan...

Ay pareho rin tayo.. don't like confrontations, either. Bulol kasi.. Hindi ako bagay sa mga debate kasi madali akong nawawalan ng boses, nauubusan ng words. Mas okay pa mag-away na lang kami thru text or maybe letters.. hahaha.. wag lang face to face. choz! Pero pag feel ko naman na super tama ako, ay naku.. minsan nagiging bitch rin ako. Bahala na kkung mabubulol, basta lumalaban. Pero... as much as possible, umiiwas na ako. hihi.. anoba? anggulo ko yata..

Ay I don't like watching gory films, as well.. Yung mga slasher films rin.. and horror/suspense thrillers. Yikes. Di kaya ng heart ko...

Love? no comment... lol

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Kraehe said...

nakakatuwa at ang haba ng comment mo ahihihi. na-flatter naman ako.

Pareho pala tayo ng reason sa number 3, bulol din ako. Minsan nauubusan ng words, o kaya nakakalimutan ko yung term na gusto ko sabihin, nasa dulo ng dila pero di maala-alala.

As of makeup, apir! Natural beauty pa rin ahihi. Pero syempre pag merong occasion, lagay ng konti. Pero pag everyday...moisturizer and powder lang.

Nude art, marami sa google ahihihi. Ito sample: http://www.museumsyndicate.com/images/1/1113.jpg. Meron ako nakita dati, fav ko..di ko na mahanap ulit >_<

Sa movies naman, okay lang sakin ang horror. Wag lang talaga gory. Di kaya ng powers ko ang mga napuputol na katawan or blood spattering...

Nishiboy said...

oist basahin mo to.


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