Cool Coincidence

I don't know if this is just a coincidence. But just yesterday, while browsing some cool artworks on the net, I found something really cool. Remember my post entitled Water World last Jan 22, 2011? It describes events from a dream of mine the night before. You can check my post if you haven't read it yet.

So yesterday, here's what I found.

 Art by Hugh Sicotte

 Cool eh? Though some aspects are different. (Like, in my post there was a huge whale, in the drawing its a shark. Theres a school of fish in the drawing, my post has none.) But the concept is almost the same.

 I don't claim anything on this matter, and I respect the artist of his artwork. I just wanted to show some pure coincident awesomeness.

4 nagsalita

4 nagsalita:

Lhuloy said...

hala..oo nga anoh..prang pinag-biyak n balyena...jeje..
maybe it's a sign?! don't know wat it is though...jejeje...

musingan said...

baka may third eye ka... O kakaibang kapangyarihan... you can see the future...

Kamila said...

nice... para namang dejavu.. hehehe... at ang nice nung photo

Kraehe said...

anong sign naman yan? ahihihi. salamat sa pagdaan

hala! me ganung factor? XD ayoko ng third eye...ayoko makakita ng multo, takot ako.

salamat po sa pagdaan, parang dejavu nga. gusto ko sa next dream na ipopost ko meron ding ganito wahihihi.

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