Water World


Just finished doing my saturday chores today. Somehow, I enjoy doing household chores. It is also my small excuse to stay away in front of the computer for a while.

Today, I'm in the mood of writing my dream of  the other night. It is another of my vivid and curious dream. Its a bit futuristic, I was in a space shuttle and we are traveling. It seems like we are looking for a place to stay. After what seems like a minute of searching, we found a black planet. We were curious of its color so we decided to check it out.

As we go closer, we found out that the planet is a body of water. What appears to be black is its deep ocean and a very murky environment. We landed on the ocean and the captain ordered us to turn the shuttle upside down. He said that it is to prevent outsiders from invading the ship. It doesn't make sense.

We dressed in a our aquatic suit and armed ourselves with some futuristic weapons. The suit is lightweight, we also have lightweight helmet that allows us to breath underwater. There are four of us who plunged underwater.

There were no fishes swimming about, it looks like a dead ocean. There were towers that looks like it sank for ages. From behind us we saw a huge building that looks like a thousand stories tall. It looked so sturdy and well maintained. We have belittled the planet, I thought that we are the high-tech people who come to their place.

There was a huge black whale passed by us. There were people dressed in a colorful weird suit sitting on it, they aren't wearing any helmet like ours so we assumed that they can breath underwater. We sneaked behind the whale and followed it hoping that it will lead us to the city maybe. The people sitting on the whale somehow sensed us, turned unto us and draw their gun that looks like a colorful octopus.

They fired their weapons and before we know it, there were colorful missiles heading our way. Why do I always say colorful? I don't know, maybe because I see yellow, pink, orange and green on those things. Funny, I can remember the colors in my dream. Back to my story, we got separated. I was walking alone on a seabed with ease. There were little living things, like crabs and anemones. There were also fowls like chickens and geese hunting for food. I talked to one of the chicken, he said that there were land on the planet before. But the ruler sunk everything and forced them live underwater. I feel pity for them, it makes me want to go back to the space shuttle and start looking for a planet with land. Then maybe I could go back and fetch these chickens.

I walked a bit farther, I saw roads and railways, there were also small buildings and people in colorful dresses walking about. There were carnivals and stores, and electricity. But I noticed that there's no vehicle around, maybe except for the gigantic whale I mentioned earlier.

The oxygen in my helmet was starting to deplete. It was already hard for me to breath so I took it off. I tried to hold my breath for as long as I can while trying to insert the emergency oxygen to my helmet. I guess it was too late, I have inhaled seawater. But the water was different, it seems there were lots of oxygen than whatever liquid is in there that people have no problem in breathing.  The alien combination of elements made me sick and made me threw up, and woke me up.

3 nagsalita

3 nagsalita:

Biboy Ordinario said...

very magical and surreal :D i like the waterworld concept... somehow medyo lonely yung dating hehe :) nice post :D

nyabach0i said...

sabi daw nila, pag tubig daw ang dream mo, tubig like body of water, pertaining daw to sa buhay mo at pagdadaanan mo. kung murky at mawave, may challenges. pag kalmado, e di kalmado lang. wala lang. may masabi lang :)

Kraehe said...

yeah medyo lonely yung dream ko na yun, medyo dark din ang scene

karamihan sa dream ko merong tubig, as in body of water talaga, like sea or ocean or swamp. di ko alam kung bakit, baka dahil mahilig ako sa tubig, sirena na nga tawag ng bf ko sakin wahihihi. siguro nga me sinasabing mensahe ang mga panaginip ko tungkol sa nangyayari sa buhay ko. wehehehe parang sa madam auring lang >:|

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