Tasukete kudasai

The title has nothing to do with my post. I just cant think of a good one and...its the first thing that pops at the back of my head. Kinda busy these days thus this post might just be random. I've been having random ideas to post, I just don't have time to make them.

For the sake of randomness, the first random thought in my head right now are the quotable quotes that I got from the net and I always use whenever appropriate. Here are some:
  • If all else fails, follow instructions - this is my favorite, this is me. I tend to do things the other way around,  in other words...do the shortcut. If it doesn't work, well do the long cut.
  • Patience is a verb - yup, patience is an action word. 
  • Bring on the goddamn cat - this is from a poem, its about a drunk rat screaming..bring on the goddamn cat! Its true in my workplace or any other, however hard the work might be..just bring it on!
There are only three, I thought I have more. We'll have another random next post.

3 nagsalita

3 nagsalita:

Lakwatsero Ako said...

Hajimimashite! - just a random reply :P

nyabach0i said...

petchay at cow head na isang baso -- nakikirandom reply din. hehe.

Kraehe said...

Dozo yorishiku onigaishimas - random reply too :P

di ko ma-imagine hahahaha

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