Kiwi - a short animation

I just want to share a short animation I found in youtube a year ago. Its a story of a kiwi trying to accomplish his dream at the expense of his life. I showed this to my friends and asked them why the kiwi cried in the end (some don't know what kiwi is XD, a little background, kiwi is a flightless bird native to New Zealand).

Some said that, he maybe realized that his dream should have just left a dream. Some said that it was tears of joy, he finally achieved what he longed for. Why do you think he cried?

3 nagsalita

3 nagsalita:

Katherine said...

I think it's because of the latter. He wanted to fulfill his dream so much that he could risk his life for it. And when he finally did, he realized it was worth it.

Biboy Ordinario said...

same answer with katherine :)

Kraehe said...

Ah interesting, as for me, I think his tears were a mix of sadness and joy. Joy because he finally did it, sad because..its the last thing he'll ever do.

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