The Baobab Tree

Not so long ago I bought a book entitled "The Little Prince" by Antoine De Saint-Exupery which my one-and-only suggested. I've always seen that book in bookstores before but never got curious about it (because its in children s' corner) until he told me that it is a nice read.

It was truly a nice read, in fact it instantly became my favorite. There are lots of moral lessons from that book. It describes the simplicity of things from the eyes of a child. That things are not really complicated if you see it the other way around.

There are lots of things that caught my attention from that book. One of it is the baobab tree. This little prince talks about a tree that he needs to pull up regularly. From the story, the prince's planet is so small, not larger than a house and if a number of baobabs haven't been taken care of, it will split the planet into pieces.

I thought that baobab is a made-up name of a tree, it is a fiction book anyway. But after googling, I found out that it is really a name of a tree, and it is huge.

These are baobabs [link]

 Imagine a tree this huge grows up inside your house (worse if theres plenty of it). From my own understanding, this tree represents different aspects in life. Like daily tasks, daily challenges or daily problems. If we do not attend to it soon enough, it will accumulate over time which will lead to bigger problems.

From the book, I've learned this valuable lesson. I've learned how to weight things and put them into order, thus preventing my figurative baobab from growing.

6 nagsalita

6 nagsalita:

nyabach0i said...

awww little prince. isa yan sa mga libro na tumatak sa buhay ko :)

Lakwatsero Ako said...

parang punong baliktad pala yang boabab na yan :P

Kraehe said...

ganda noh? next time kwento ko naman yung tungkol sa rose nya hihi

kulit nga ng punong yan eh, parang galing sa ibang world..weird ang hitsura wahihihi.

Lakwatsero Ako said...

or parang raddish na baliktad 0_0

Katherine said...

"What is essential is invisible to the eye." --> my favorite passage in the book.

Baobabs can also stand for our bad habits. If we don't change them, they will remain with us until we grow up and we cannot change them anymore because they've already been planted so deep.

Indeed, The Little Prince is a book everyone, regardless of age, should read.

Kraehe said...

Thats my 2nd favorite passage. That is also true, it represents bad habits that haven't been corrected on its early stage.

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