Unnamed War

There was a war near a shoreline. White men against black men, thousands of them. Both parties have only spears and swords for their weapons. The black men have two giants with them, carrying heavy logs that smashed every white man that stands on its way.

The war didn't last long. The black men were victorious, not a single white man survived, except for a woman who emerged from the water. She scanned the area and took off her helmet. She was so beautiful that no black man ever dared to kill her. When she noticed that she was discovered, she jumped to the sea again. The blacks so curious on how she managed to hold her breathe for a long period of time followed her.

The sea, a thousand deep but as clear as crystal even the sands deep down is visible. A number of hungry loch ness swimming about. The blacks watched in awe as the woman swam as swift as any sea creature could, avoiding hungry mouth in zigzag. It went on for hours until she became exhausted. She chose to face the black men than to an object to be digested. As she was limping to the shore, racing her breath someone came to aid her and carried her. They, the blacks took her and considered her their own kind.

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