Broken wings

This is from a friend of mine, he posted this long time ago on a forum thread. Just wanted to repost, Laica-kun please dont kill me ^_^V


Everybody has wings. Some probably don't know
it, yet. Some do. They say that all people have
only one wing, so they need other people to help
them fly. None can fly without the other.

I know that I have them, too. I'm different from
others, because I have a pair of them. Two wings.
So, I don't need others to help me fly. They say I'm
special. That I'm strong. Because I have two
wings, I can fly on my own.

They don't know that one of them is broken.

One of my wings has been broken for a long time
now. Was it when I was born, or when somebody
harmed me? I can't tell... I failed to remember
when or how it happened. But, here it is. It is truly
mangled. It is unlike any ordinary injury. A part of it
has already started to rot. There's a part where
the feathers have already fallen off. The bones are
bared and can be seen.

It's nearly dead.

But I was able to hide it with what's left of its
feathers. Thankfully, they covered the broken part
well. So no one could see it.

My feathers are black like the night. So they
couldn't make out the dark blood flowing every
now and then from my open wound. I'm glad that
it's that color, because when people see it, they
fear it and stand in awe and respect. They always
fail to see beyond it.

When I try to fly, they stare at me in wonder.
Because I can fly alone, unlike most of us who
need to cling to another to reach greater heights.

And they say I fly well.

They didn't know that it almost kills me to even
move my wings.

When I open my wings, the wound is reopened as
well. The tendons break anew, and my blood
flows. My bones get dislocated again, and I can
feel them rubbing roughly against each other. I can
see more feathers falling.

Because of that, I have to fly around and show off
a lot of maneuvers even if it's so painful. So that
no one will notice the blood and the feathers

The pain nearly paralyses me, but I know that I
have to look as if I'm enjoying my flight. We all
have to fly, so it's inevitable.

They leave me alone because they think I'm
strong. They think my wings are perfect and
beautiful. They think I'm indestructible.

Nobody knew that each day that passes by, each
night I spent alone, I cry and scream in agony as I
try to rest and cure my broken wing. I tried my best
to mend it, but it is futile. Its fate is sealed.

Yet, even if it's like that, it's still a part of me. So no
matter how much I want to get rid of it, I can't.

It is my wing, after all.

The day will come when all of them will fly away to
that place where we're all meant to be, with their
companions. But by then, my wing will have died.
And so I shall be left behind and shall walk alone
in this world.

With my dead and broken wing.

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